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Initially, the moon base will be manned by no more than 4 people, with their number later rising to maximum of 12 people.

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These experiments are expected to help clarify the origin of the Moon.

Two of the penetrators are planned to land near the Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 landing sites, taking advantage of seismic data gathered there from 1969 to 1974.

is one of the autocephalous Eastern Orthodox churches, in full communion with other Eastern Orthodox patriarchates.

The Primate of the ROC is the Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus'.

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There are obviously plenty of general dating sites to choose from but if you know you’re specifically interested in dating Russian women only, aren’t you better off on a site that caters to your needs?Due to financial problems, however, the programme's first mission, the Luna 25 lander, was put on hold only to be revived a few years later.Initially scheduled for launch in 2012 The Luna-Glob programme is a continuation of the Soviet Union Luna programme that sent at least twenty-four orbiters and landers between 19 to the Moon, of which fifteen were successful.The payload of the orbiter will total 120 kg (260 lb) and include astrophysics experiments, dust monitors, plasma sensors, including the LORD astronomy payload, designed to study ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.Luna-Resurs (Luna 27) was initially planned as a joint orbiter-rover mission (the orbiter was to be the Indian Chandrayaan-2) that will feature a 58 kg Russian Polar Moon Rover and lander, as part of the International Lunar Network.

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